The Secret to Great and Healthy Skin: Extremozymes

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The Secret to Great and Healthy Skin: Extremozymes

The Secret to Great and Healthy Skin: Extremozymes

Extremophile Plants

Organisms that are capable of thriving in harsh climates such as extreme heat, cold, dryness, and deep ocean trenches are called extremophiles. The literal term for extremophiles is “extreme loving.” These organisms date back more than 40 million years. Their ability to adapt to living in extreme conditions has allowed them to protect themselves in almost any environment.


Extremophiles are categorized according to the different environments in which they live. Varieties include cryophiles found in polar ice, piezophiles from pressurized deep ocean trenches, hypoliths from dry cold deserts, thermophiles from extremely hot areas, and polyextremophiles from environments containing multiple adversities. Many polyextremophiles live in marine environments where they have to survive extreme temperatures, pressures, salinity, and darkness.


One example of an extremophilic plant is the Resurrection Plant, also called the Rose of Jericho, which lives in dry desert environments. The vital structure of this extremophile can revive itself even after decades without light or water. This plant takes on the appearance of a dried-up weed, and within a few hours submerged in water it turns into a beautiful green plant.

Extremozymes in Plants

Extremozymes are natural enzymes developed by extremophile plants in order to survive life in challenging environments. They protect biological macromolecules and chromosomal DNA extremophilic plants from damage caused by external stresses against the plant cells. Protection styles include protein folding, protection from dehydration by incorporating sugar molecules, and biochemical means of cushioning and shielding DNA. These unique enzymes are capable of wrapping themselves in DNA and repairing themselves, scavenging free radicals, and destroying radical oxygen species.


Extremozymes and Skincare

Human skin experiences environmental extremes as well, such as dryness, wind, UVA/UVB rays, heat, cold, sweat, and irritation. Extremozymes have the power to protect the skin from various extreme environments that could potentially cause damage, and are also capable of protecting against the effects of solar radiation on the skin when incorporated into skincare products. iS Clinical innovated a proprietary blend of Extremozymes and has incorporated them into several formulas to help diminish the appearance of fine lines of wrinkles, support collagen production, prevent signs of aging, and improve the overall health of the skin.

GeneXC Serum uses Extremozymes to talk to our tired, aging skin genes and help them revitalize to a more youthful level of functioning. This formula incorporates enzymes from the Rose of Jericho to help repair the skin and protect against pollution, sun rays, and other environmental aggressors.


Youth Serum also uses Extremozyme technology. This specially formulated serum instantly helps to visibly improve the signs of aging, smooth the skin, and help prevent environmental damage. Immediate and long-term results are provided by actives that help promote the formulation of collagen.


Reparative Moisture Emulsion is a fully-regenerative product with no exfoliation ingredients that helps repair the skin by using nutrients and Extremozymes. This moisturizer is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, peptides, and powerful antioxidants providing both penetrating and surface hydration.


Youth Lip Elixir contains many actives to help the lips look younger and healthier, and contains enzymes from extremophilic plants found in California. One of these plants is specifically from the Chaparral region of California, which is prone to fires. The plants that catch fire and survive are known to develop plant cancer. These survivors adapt by developing extremozymes which combat the cancer. Their Extremozyme technology is used in Youth Lip Elixir and speaks to our genes to help fight against skin cancer.


Extreme Protect SPF 30 uses Extremozyme technology to help protect DNA and lessen the effects of skin cancer. It provides multilevel broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from free radical damage from sun exposure. This sunscreen is a treatment sunscreen and brings many benefits to the skin.